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Weddings can be a lot of fun! Take a look at some of the top ideas to make yours exciting:

Weddings are really happy moments in people’s lives – and you will definitely want to make everything exciting for your guests as well. We have gathered some really fun ideas you could include in your wedding too, so make sure to read on if you need some extra inspiration:
• Offer sparkles as wedding favors and ask your guests to use them as you exit the wedding ceremony. If you plan on having an evening/night wedding, this is a wonderful way of beautifying the photos – and it will be huge fun for your guests too.
• Provide your guests with a DIY/self-service bar. This works especially for vintage, shabby-chic, DIY and rustic weddings but truly, you can have them for whatever type of wedding you want too. Your guests will definitely enjoy the idea of preparing some customized drinks for themselves!
• Want everyone on the dance floor? Include a line in your RSVPs where you request your guests to write down their favorite songs – and then ask your DJ to include those songs in the playlist too. This way, there will be at least one song each guest will want to dance to.
• Organize a pre-wedding “team-building”. Outdoors fun is the best kind of fun and it can really tie nice connections between your bridesmaids and your groomsmen. Organize something fun before the wedding, shoot some nice photos and make for some really great memories – and all of your guests will feel better at the wedding proper too.
• Organize a delicious brunch for the day after the wedding. A waffle/pancake brunch with various types of delicious, nourishing, comfort food on the table is a gift no guest could ever say “no” to!
Don’t forget to bring your wedding dress to Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists once the Big Day is over too. We will clean it and preserve it in a professional way, so that it maintains its beauty for a long time from now on! Who knows? Maybe one day, your own daughter will want to wear your wedding gown!
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