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What Are the Essential Rules of Wedding Ceremonies?

You want every single element of your wedding ceremony to be really amazing. You want it to be flawless. You want everything to go just as planned. Of course, flowers, music, and ceremony officiant are all important when you want the perfect wedding ceremony – but there may be some etiquette rules to follow as well.

What are these essential rules of wedding ceremonies and why are they important? Read on to find out more.

  • Should you say “yes” to all relatives who want to speak during the ceremony. Most definitely, NO. You have the right to select the people who will do a reading or speak at the ceremony. If you don’t want to upset anyone, you can assign them other roles in the wedding – such as ushering the guests, for example.
  • Should you allow everyone in your bridal suite? No, not if you don’t want that. People should understand you are getting ready, so you can definitely add a sign on the door letting them know only the Mother of the Bride and the wedding party are allowed. Also, you can task one of the bridesmaids to guard the door for you too and tell everyone trying to see you that you will be happy to receive them after the wedding ceremony.
  • Who should walk you down the aisle if your father passed away? Whoever you want – or nobody at all, since this is not a must-follow tradition anymore. You can even choose to be walked down the aisle by your mom, your uncle, your brother, or simply someone you care about.


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