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What Is Realistic to Expect from Your Bridesmaids?

As a bride, you really want your wedding VIPs to feel excellent both before and during the wedding day you’re planning in Las Vegas. That’s normal – they are, after all, your best friends, right?

How do you make sure they’re happy, though? What are some realistic expectations you can set from your bridesmaids? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Expect them to help, but don’t expect them to dedicate all of their free time for this. They too have lives, they need to relax, and, in the end, let’s face it: this is not their wedding. They are happy to help you out with various wedding tasks and they will definitely be there for you whenever you call them out – but you shouldn’t expect them to spend every minute on these wedding tasks.
  • Expect them to spend quite a lot of money, but don’t expect them to be able to afford designer dresses and bridal showers in Barbados. The financial pressure is already quite high for them, so you might want to be very delicate with these things. Choose dresses that are affordable and set realistic expectations for the pre-wedding events as well – your bridesmaids will be more than thankful if you do this.
  • Expect them to really be there for you. They might not be physically there all the time and some of them might not be able to spend countless hours to help you lick invitation stamps and decide on your wedding colors. But expect these wonderful human beings to be your support throughout the entire wedding planning, as well as on the wedding day. Expect to be able to call any of them, at any time of the day or night and get a warm word from them. Expect them to help you dress up, to join you in the ladies’ room during the Big Day, to help you fix your makeup, and handle inappropriate guests. Expect them to be true friends – because that’s exactly what they are and that’s exactly why you have chosen them for this role.


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