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Yes, Short Bridal Hair Can Be Braided Too!

Some brides believe having short hair is not suitable for a Las Vegas wedding and that finding a very bridal-esque hairstyle for this hair length is nearly impossible. However, that is completely untrue. Short-haired brides have just as many hairstyling options as brides with long hair do – and following, we have gathered some of the prettiest braided styles you can choose from if you have short hair. Read on and steal some inspiration!

  • Dutch braid with flowers. If you have a short or medium-length bob, you can definitely pull this off really gracefully. This style is perfect for brides who want to celebrate their wedding day in a rustic-chic style, but, depending on the dress and on the way the flowers are incorporated in the hairdo, there are many other wedding themes and styles that could be very well-coordinated with this as well.
  • French braid. This can, again, be adjusted to coordinate with your overall wedding style. For instance, adding a wild flower will make it feel more country-chic, while adding a luxurious hairpiece to the braid will make it look more elegant and stylish. Either way, this style is very flattering even for short bobs and it can be pulled off by ladies with different face shapes really gracefully.
  • Half up, half-down braid. For hair that’s just a little bit longer than chin-level, you can create some lush curls and pull two sides of the hair in braids up. This style is very comfortable and it looks very elegant and feminine, making it more than suitable for brides who dream of looking like real-life princesses on their wedding day.
  • One twisted braid. This chic and ultra-feminine style will make you feel even more graceful and delicate as a bride – and it can be created on a short bob just as excellently as it can be created on a longer bob haircut. If you add flowers to the mix, you will be ready to step down the aisle looking like the Queen of summer – and we guarantee you will feel really, really stunning!


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