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You Can Always Wear a Faux Fur Capelet

Being a winter bride doesn’t mean you have to endure the chilly weather without a bit of coverage. Of course, you might want to settle for long sleeves (or at least ¾ sleeves) – but beyond that, you might also want to accessorize yourself with a jacket that will go very well with your wedding dress.

A faux fur capelet is the perfect choice for brides who want to stay cruelty-free and still get that glamorous look. Plus, capelets are really in this winter, so you have all the reasons to love one for your wedding day.

Here are some of the ways you could wear it:

  • A white furry capelet. You can wear it on top of a white dress, traditionally, or you can match it with a blush pink or nude wedding gown. Not only will this look completely unique, but it will also stay within the latest wedding trends – your guests will definitely LOVE you the minute you walk down the aisle!
  • A long faux fur jacket. Want to make sure you will be anything but cold? How about a full faux fur jacket for your wedding gown? It will make you feel and look so glamorous and elegant – nothing can compare to it!
  • A lush fur wrap. Cover your shoulders and your torso in an opulent faux fur wrap that will make your wedding dress look even more exquisite and fabulous! You are bound to truly WOW your guests when you make your entrance wearing this!


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