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You will want to look fabulous when leaving your wedding, take a look at some ways to pick the best getaway vehicle for you:

Your wedding is a hugely important moment in your life and every single detail can make a big difference when it comes to how you feel on this special day. While the wedding itself should definitely be fabulous, you should also keep in mind that making a truly memorable exit will contribute a lot to this day as well. Here are some ideas on how you could leave the wedding in the most glamorous and unforgettable way:
• Limo. There’s nothing to say “luxury” and “opulence” more than a limo. While most of us don’t get to be in a limo on a daily basis, your wedding is a special event – and it deserves being treated as such. Renting a limo for the grand exit will not cost as much as you think – but it will definitely make the two of you feel like the most important people in the world!
• Carriage. If you are in love with the charm of the good, old times and if you want to add a “fairy tale” touch to your wedding, leaving it in a horse-drawn carriage is a great idea. From carriages that look like Cinderella’s to classy carriages that make you feel like royalty, there’s an option for everyone. Same as in the case of the limo, renting a carriage will not be as expensive as you might be tempted to think and it will be worth every single penny.
• A vintage car. We’re all in love with the magnificence of the 1920s and with the great style that characterized this era. If you plan on having a wedding inspired by the opulence of Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby and if you want to make sure that your exit will be just as fancy as the wedding itself, renting a vintage car is an amazing idea!
Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists can make sure you will feel like the Queen of the Day dressed in your stunning wedding dress. Contact us and allow us to alter your wedding gown so that it fits perfectly on your beautiful body!
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