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Your bridesmaids deserve the perfect dresses

Your bridesmaids are your very best friends – the people you have chosen to stand by you on the biggest and most beautiful day of your life. Of course, you want them to look and feel really great! But how do you choose the best bridesmaids’ dresses for these special ladies? How do you make sure everyone’s happy with the choice?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Mix and match their dresses. This is a really big trend right now and you have all the reasons to love it. Versatile and great for the pictures, mixed and matched bridesmaids’ dresses are the perfect compromise for everyone – you get to “unify” your ladies’ looks with one or two common elements and they get to choose what they wear.
  • From allowing the bridesmaids to choose everything about their dress except for the color to allowing them to choose special fabrics or necklines, there’s a very wide range of options available. Giving your friends this much freedom will help them settle on dresses that fit your wedding and their personal style too. As a consequence, they will be happier and better as bridesmaids too.
  • Keep in mind that your bridesmaids are probably spending quite a lot on their wedding day – so it’s important to provide them with affordable options. If possible, do choose the kind of bridesmaids’ dresses they can wear on other occasions too – they will be more than appreciative of the gesture.
  • If one of your bridesmaids is not fully contempt with your dress choice, advise her to have the gown altered. Believe it or not, this can make all the difference in the world and your bridesmaid will feel much better with a dress that’s properly fit for her body!

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Photo source: Ian D. Keating

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