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Your Bridesmaids Don’t Have to Wear Actual Wedding Dresses

As the bride, you want your super-ladies to look super-amazing – but that doesn’t always mean that you have to stick to tradition. After all, brides don’t have to wear white dresses on their wedding day anymore – or even dresses, for that matter.

So why would bridesmaids commit to the same old traditions? Why not be unique and offer your super-ladies the chance to shine as strong, original women at your wedding?

We have gathered some ideas to help you do this – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Simple two-pieces. Dresses aren’t an absolute must for bridesmaids, so why not give them the next best thing – two-pieces? Wearing two pieces is a lot easier for many women because it allows them to play a bit more with the design and how it embraces their bodies. Plus, separates can also be more budget-friendly, and it can allow yourself to play a bit more with the design and the colors you want your bridesmaids to dress in.
  • Pants two-pieces. Somewhere in between the classic pantsuit and a dress, two-pieces with pants can look absolutely elegant and very, very sophisticated. For instance, you could settle on a two-piece made out of velvet high waist pants and an embellished velvet crop top in the same color. This combination will look absolutely amazing on your bridesmaids!
  • Fine-striped pantsuit. Want to make your bridesmaids feel strong and confident? Why not have them wear pantsuits? You can find a really stylish option (such as a fine striped suit in dusty pastel blue and white), and they will feel more than happy to wear this. It’s so comfortable, so empowering, and it looks so good that none of your bridesmaids will be able to resist it!
  • Classic tuxedo. Your groom’s men aren’t the only ones allowed to wear a classic black and white tux – so can your bridesmaids. Have them wear a tuxedo and you will more than just make them look awesome – you will send out a powerful message and make a real statement with your bridesmaids’ attires. Amazing idea!


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