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Your Bridesmaids Should Look Amazing Too!

Picking a beautiful dress and accompanying it with a stunning style are both really important steps in the wedding planning process. And while you surely want to shine as the bride, it is perfectly understandable to want to make your bridesmaids feel lovely too!

How to choose a beautiful hairstyle for your bridesmaids? We have some options for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Puffed up. Inspired by the fabulous looks of the 1960s (and, well, the more modern Adele), this style is flattering for just about anyone. Paired with a perfect cat eye and a beautiful lipstick, this simple, yet ultra-elegant hairstyle adds glamor and stylishness to pretty much any face shape and general wedding style.
  • Curls…in any size and shape they may be. You may want to advise your ladies to get really big curls, or you may want them to wear their hair in loose, wavy hair (which works especially well for a beach wedding). Regardless of what you choose, curls will always be a really feminine, beautiful, and flattering choice. Your super-ladies will be more than appreciative of your choice in this respect!
  • Fishtail braid. Another simple, yet truly beautiful style that’s meant to look flawless on just about anyone! This type of braid is perfect for those of you who want your rustic-chic bridesmaids to really feel excellent as they walk down the aisle to announce your own big entrance!


Don’t forget to make sure your dress is perfectly fit to your body! If you want to have your wedding in the Las Vegas area, remember to contact Las Vegas Wedding Gown Specialists and hire us! Our experience in wedding gown alterations will help you look absolutely flawless on what is meant to be the most unforgettable event of your life!