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Your silhouette can aid in choosing your wedding gown

Choosing the perfect wedding gown is not an easy task, no matter what size you wear and no matter what style you’re most attracted to. Your personality, your budget, your passions and your dislikes – they will all have to be taken into account.

…And your silhouette is by far one of the most important criteria. If you want to look splendid in your wedding gown, here are some useful tips to help you decide on the right one for your type of body:


  • Hourglass shaped ladies can consider themselves to be lucky. In general, most dresses look really good on this silhouette – but if you want to add drama and flair to your wedding look, you will want to emphasize that small waist and those beautiful curves. For instance, you could wear a crop top and a skirt, or simply a dress that sports pretty detail work on the upper area.
  • If you are an apple-shaped silhouette, you will want to focus your attention on the upper area – such as by choosing a dress with intricate detail work there or a two-piece with a highly detailed corset and a very simple, elegant dress.
  • If you are a pear-shaped silhouette, on the other hand, the focus should be drawn away from the lower area. An A-line skirt tends to work best with these silhouettes – but as long as it covers your lower body and concentrates on the upper part, your dress will look more than perfect on you!

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Photo source: Jessica_Branstetter

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